Friday Night Socials with Functional Drinks Club

Tired of it always being the pub when you go out to meet friends?

Sick-fed up with only having the choice of one or two non-alcoholic drinks when you get there? 

Dying inside when you end up drinking Diet Coke all night because they don’t actually have any other non-alcoholic drinks available?

Well, if you don’t drink alcohol then our Friday Night Social at Functional Drinks Club is just the ticket for you.

Once a month we turn Functional Drinks Club into a little bit of a social place where people can catch-up, meet like-minded people, and choose from the largest range of non-alcoholic drinks in West Yorkshire.

Non-alcoholic drinks available across Kombucha, Wine, Spirits, Beer, Lager, Ales, and Cider.

We keep the pricing simple:

  • 330ml cans - £4
  • 440ml cans - £5
  • 500ml bottle of Cider - £5
  • Spirits with mixer - £5
  • Glass of Kombucha on Tap - £5
  • Kombucha Bottle - £5

We’re a cashless business, so card payments only.

We don’t stay open all night, last orders are called at 8:30pm.

And, you can also shop and get stocked up for the weekend ahead at the normal take home shop prices.  

Let’s face it.

There’s nothing worse than getting caught short and ending up having to get a 4 pack of non-alcoholic Heinekens from the supermarket.

The next Friday Night Social is on Friday 24th November from 5pm - 9pm.

Come join us for a little bit of social without alcohol.

Real Kombucha Vs Supermarket Kombucha

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