The 4Ks of Fermented Food & Drink Tasting Event

If you're serious about living a healthier lifestyle and being the best version of you, then having a healthy gut is one of the most important things you can do.

And it's easier than you think to achieve.

No fad diets or crazy supplements from the mystical mountains of Tibet.

It's as simple as adding fermented food & drink into your daily diet.

And there's 4 fermented food and drinks you should focus on to see big improvements.

  • Kombucha
  • Kefir
  • Kimchi
  • Kraut (Sauerkraut)

But as you'll find out at our Tasting Events, most of what you find in the supermarket isn't the real deal.

The stuff that makes the transformational difference to your life is raw and unpasturised and bursting with 100% organic ingredients.

None of that artificial sweetener rubbish round here.

When you open that bottle of Kefir it should be fizzing with so much live culture that it's like popping a bottle of champagne.  Compare that to what you've had from the supermarket when  you've opened it.

And that's the difference you'll discover across the 4Ks at one of our tasting events.

We have a number of 4K Tasting Event Dates available for you to book and these are run from the Functional Drinks Club shop in Otley.

You can also book a private 4Ks Tasting Event, just email to arrange (min 4 people for a private booking).

Meet your Host

Hey, my name's Kev and I'm the owner of Functional Drinks Club.

I worked in a high pressure job for 20 years, I was burnt out without knowing it, and I was missing my little girl grow up. I knew I needed to change.

It all changed for me when I decided to quit drinking alcohol and discovered Kombucha.

Since then, I've lost over 2 stones, my energy levels have improved and I'm enjoying life a hell of a lot more I tell you that.

I also left my high pressure role to take a step back and set-up Functional Drinks Club.

I'm passionate about helping other people to discover the transformational impact improving gut health can have on their lives.

If you're looking to make a change, then make one of our 4K Tasting Events your starting point.

  • Taste 4 different Kombuchas

    We'll try 4 different Kombuchas in total. Different brands, styles and flavours. The goal is to help you find a style and flavour profile you can carry on with afterwards.

  • Taste 2 different Kefirs

    We'll try a dairy and non-dairy variety of real deal Kefir. The kind that bubbles on your tongue and opens like a bottle of champagne. You open the lid and the air hisses out like a seductive mistress of gut health love.

  • Try some Kimchi

    The kind of Kimchi that is raw, unpasturised, and bursting with flavour. You can practically see the live culture and good bacteria bubbling away in the kimchi juice.

  • Try some Sauerkraut

    Kimchi is getting all the love at the moment, but Kraut is a live culture, gut loving powerhouse that is super versatile as a food. Forget what you remember from bratwurst sausage parties in Germany, this real deal Kraut is a firm fave at Functional Drinks Club.

  • Take any 2 bottles home

    That's right, you get to take home any 2 bottles of Kombucha or Kefir home with you (330ml Kombucha or 500ml Kefir)

  • What to eat and drink to improve your gut health?

    We'll take a more holistic look what you can eat and drink to improve your gut health. And it will be small changes you can easily make in your day to day life.

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Customer Reviews

Hear from people who have attended one of our Kombucha Tasting Events.

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Improving your Gut Health

The benefits of a well-balanced gut microbiome.

  • Improve your Heart Health with Kombucha

    Improve your Heart Health

    It doesn't matter what age you are, a bad diet will always catch up with you. I'm now 43. I remember when the actor John Candy died of a heart attack at 43 and thought he was old. Now I know that 43 is no age to die at all. He had his whole life ahead of him. What you do in your 40's dictates the health you'll have in the second half of your life.

  • Boost your Immune System with Kombucha

    Boost your Immune System

    Always coming down with one bug or another regardless of the time of year? Well, having a healthy gut could help you fight back against the dreaded lurgy. There's nothing worse than having a cold or sniffle while you're trying to be the best version of yourself. It's time to fight back by making your microbiome a superheroes playground.

  • Improve your Mental Health

    By now you will have heard or read about how food impacts on your mental health. It's more than that. Your gut is known as the "Second Brain". It fuels your mental health by powering your brain. So, if you have a petrol car and you fill it with diesel, what happens? The same applies here. If you fuel your body with crap, then it impacts on everything. Including your mood.

  • Healthy Digestive System

    A healthy gut filled with good bacteria means your waste system will work more efficiently. If you're struggling to poo, constipated, then adding a fermented food and drinks to your daily diet will help. It can be Kombucha, Kimchi, Kefir or Kraut. I like to stack the 4Ks during the day and I am clockwork baby.

  • Weight Management with Kombucha at Functional Drinks Club

    Weight Management

    I've lost 2 stone since I started drinking Kombucha daily 11 months ago. And I've kept it off. Everyone is different, but what I will say is this. Yes fermented food and drink can help you lose weight, but only if your diet doesn't consist of pizza and kebabs or other ultra processed foods.

  • Reduce Inflammation with Kombucha at Functional Drinks Club

    Reduce Inflammation

    I suffer from psoriasis and drinking Kombucha every day has reduced it drastically. Like I always say, everyone is different, but for me it's made a massive difference. Yes, I still have to daily moisturise, but I'm not having to rub steroid cream all over my body as much as I used to and that is a big win in my eyes.

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Founder Kev dropping it like it's hot.

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The Godfather of Gut Health

Tim Spector, co-founder of the Zoe Programme, is one of the world's leading experts on gut health. We're big fans of the Zoe Programme and a lot of people who come into Functional Drinks Club have completed the programme.

This short video tells you the 5 food groups to add to your diet to improve your gut health. Obviously Kombucha is one of them amongst others.