The Gut Health Town

Otley is fast becoming the Gut Health Town of West Yorkshire.

A 45 minute around the town shops and market stalls gives you everything you need to transform your gut health for the better.

You can pick up Kombucha, Kimchi, Kefir and Kraut from Functional Drinks Club.

You can get your sourdough bread made the real way from Underground Bakery.

You can pick up your 30 fruit and veg from the delicatessen S&Bs Fruit & Veg or the various market stalls pitched up on a Friday and Saturday.

A variety of meat from one of the many award-winning butchers with our favourite being Geo.Middlemiss & Son.

All of these shops and market stalls are right next to each in the centre of Otley and you can walk round them all without buying anything in less than 5 minutes.

What makes this so important right now is the fact that over 70% of all food and drinks being sold in supermarkets are killing us meaning it's essential that we know what's in the stuff we're buying.

Tasting Events

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