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330ml Zero Waste Kombucha for On the Go

330ml Zero Waste Kombucha for On the Go

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Our Zero Waste Kombucha service in a 330ml bottle for when you just need your hit while on the go.

Just pop into the store and we'll fill you a fresh 330ml bottle up with fresh Kombucha from the station.

We recommend using our own Kombucha Bottles for this and then bringing it back to us to replace with a fresh one.

The different flavours we'll have on rotation from the tap are:

Lime Sea Salt
Wild Mint
Vanilla Orange

There will always be two flavours to choose from when you come in for your refill.

The 330ml bottle is perfect for people who want their daily kombucha hit on the go.

Our Kombucha on Tap is supplied by You + I, one of the best UK brewers operating today and we think it's awesome that we're getting to bring it to Otley.

We're not the only one who thinks that they are one of the best.

"Modern British masters of kombucha" - David Williams, The Guardian.

What makes these guys different from what you see on the supermarket shelf is the S.C.O.B.Y.

Most supermarket Kombuchas use shelf starter liquids rather than an in-house grown SCOBY.   

It makes all the difference.

Important:  This product is only available for in-store collection.  If you can't make it to the shop in Otley, then this isn't the service for you.  We'd recommend our Kombucha Subscription Box instead.


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