Kombucha and Alcohol-Free Bottle Shop

The largest range of Kombucha, Kimchi, Kefir, Kraut, non-alcoholic craft beers, lagers, ales, cbd, and nootropic drinks in West Yorkshire.

If you want non-alcoholic drinks that don't taste like dishwater, improve your gut health and help you to live a healthier lifestyle no matter your age, then this is the shop for you.

Kevin Gillespie the Founder of Functional Drinks Club

Discover a whole new world

Most of the non-alcoholic drinks you can buy in the supermarket are naff.

The real non-alcoholic world is being driven by the small, independent craft brewers and makers.

It's from these guys you'll find the absolute bangers.

And that's what you'll find in Functional Drinks Club alongside the largest range of fermented food and drinks in Yorkshire.

What you won't find is non-alcoholic wines because they all taste terrible and are pretty damn pointless in my eyes.

  • A row of different Kombucha Brands at Functional Drinks Club

    All the Kombucha

    The largest selection of Kombucha in Yorkshire including the awesome You + I, Boo Chi, Momo, Blighty Booch, Left Field, Twisted Kombucha and many more. Did we mention that we also sell Kombucha on Tap...

  • Picture of a row of Mash Gang non-alcoholic beer cans in Functional Drinks Club

    Non-alcoholic Craft Beers

    You won't find these bangers on the supermarket shelves. We're talking Mash Gang, Low Tide, Brulo, Bini, Fungtn, Northern Monk, Clean Break Brewing, Ilkley Brewery and many more.

  • Cold Brew Coffee at Functional Drinks Club

    Cold Brew Coffee

    This coffee hits different. Better Taste. Better Health Benefits. Better Everything. We brew it fresh every week and when it's gone it's gone until the following week.

  • Savvy Ferments in Functional Drinks Club

    Fermented Foods

    Improve your gut, improve your health. It's that simple. Just have one of the 4Ks (Kombucha - Kimchi - Kefir - Kraut) daily and you're on your way. We sell the largest range of fermented foods in Yorkshire.

  • Biokef Kefir at Functional Drinks Club

    Real Kefir

    This isn't the rubbish you find in the supermarkets. Opening this Kefir is like popping a bottle of champagne. It's fizzing. It's bubbling. It's alive with the sound of music.

  • Freja Bone Broth at Functional Drinks Club

    Bone Broth

    This is a super nutrient power addition to your diet because of the collagen content . If you've not had it before, we really think you should give this magical broth a shot.

  • Functional Drinks Club Kombucha Tasting Session

    Kombucha Tastings

    Discover the real world of Kombucha at one of our regular tasting sessions. You'll taste 8 different Kombuchas and get to take home any 2 bottles at the end of the session.

    Book your Space 
  • Picture of Craft Sodas at Functional Drinks Club

    Craft Sodas & Nootropic Drinks

    Awesome for the people who have never drunk alcohol in their life and don't want a non-alcoholic beer or wine. We have some of the best from around the UK to choose from.

  • Picture of non-alcoholic wines at Functional Drinks Club

    Non-Alcoholic Wines

    There's no such thing, just likes there's no such thing as a vegan chicken nugget. But, there's a lot of great alternatives out there including Kombucha, Elderberry and Sparkling Mead to fill the gap.

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Gut Health Sessions

Book on to one of our Kombucha Tasting Sessions or Kimchi Making/Kombucha Tasting Friday Night events.

Customer Reviews

Hear what our customers are saying about us.

People waiting in line for Kombucha at Functional Drinks Club

The Shop Experience

When I decided to stop drinking alcohol, I got caught in the cycle of bulk ordering online, and wasted a lot of money on non-alcoholic drinks that were terrible.

I wished there was a way of trying one drink without having to buy ten because there was a minimum order amount to hit.

At Functional Drinks Club you can buy one, ten, or none at all. What's awesome is that you can speak to someone knowledgeable about it all.

Inside the Functional Drinks Club Shop

Shop Opening Times

Our current opening times:

Mon: Closed
Tues: 8am - 12pm
Wed: Closed
Thurs: 10am - 2pm
Fri: 10am - 4pm
Sat: 9:30am - 5pm
Sun: Closed

Saturday close times are 3:30pm on the day of a Kombucha Tasting Event.

Open the last Sunday of every month for the Otley Farmers Market: 10am - 1pm

Late night Shopping

We've partnered up with Shadow Brewing Taproom in Otley to ensure that you can pick-up or enjoy a great non-alcoholic beer or kombucha on an evening.

We're available from Shadow Brewing:

Fri: 6pm - 10pm
Sat: 6pm - 10pm

Why not sit in at Shadow Brewing and enjoy a great non-alcoholic drink in a great little taproom.

The outside of Functional Drinks Club shop in Otley

Where to Find Us

Functional Drinks Club

17 Manor Square
LS21 3AP

Near the Black Horse in Otley and across the road from the Milk Bar (one of the best cafes in Leeds).

Functional Drinks Club logo on a white background

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