Alex from Intent Coaching at Functional Drinks Club

Functional Drinks Club - Positive Change with our New Team Member

Big Hello to Alex, the new member of the Functional Drinks Club Team.

Alex is going to be working at the shop every Tuesday, Thursday and alternate Saturdays which is awesome

This is really exciting for me as it's a realisation of the vision I had when I first started Functional Drinks Club.

I wanted the shop to be a place where you could start a journey of positive change in your life through quitting alcohol and improving your overall health by improving your gut health.

I called it "Conscious Living".

Too many people go through life on auto-pilot, where things happen to them rather than they make it happen.

Before you know it, you're 70 and full of regret.

No matter your age, it's not too late to make positive changes to your life regardless of what you've been through.

Alex is testament to that, and is one of the bravest, most positive people you will have the pleasure of meeting

She's come out the other side of cancer, premature menopause triggered by the cancer treatment and medication, and burnout from a UK Wide Sales Director Role.

She's now a professional, qualified coach working with individuals, organisations, and charities.

She's also a big fan of all things gut health, ice baths, yoga and mindfulness to name just a few.

The vision being realised is I wanted Functional Drinks Club to be a place where people could drop in and talk to someone who understands what they're going through, and more importantly, can help them get through it.

A lot of people have come into the shop wanting to stop drinking alcohol because they're going through menopause. I know a lot, but I'm probably not the most qualified to talk about this subject.

Alex definitely is, and she will be able to talk you through what worked for her.

Anyway, that is enough rambling on from me.

Once she gets her feet under the table, she'll start to run coaching sessions, workshops and events at the shop.  So make sure you subscribe to email and follow us across social to make sure you don't miss any of them.

I'm really excited that Alex is working at Functional Drinks Club and her first shifts are this Friday and Saturday.

I know you'll all give her a massive, warm welcome when you come in this weekend.

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