Blighty Booch Kombucha

Blighty Booch Kombucha is from Wales and it's top notch.

It's brewed the traditional way, and you can even see the live culture floating in the bottle.  You better believe it's that potent when it comes to live culture and improving your gut health.

Their Kombucha is the one I always turn to when I want something cold and refreshing, especially the Bramley & Elderflower.

We stock the full range of flavours in the Shop.

  • Blighty Booch Bramley and Elderflower Kombucha at Functional Drinks Club

    Bramley & Elderflower

    The Man from Del Monte would be proud of this banger. It's one of our favourite Kombuchas full stop. The apple and elderflower explodes on your tongue and it leaves you feeling fully refreshed.

  • Blighty Booch Cherry Kombucha at Functional Drinks Club


    If you like your Kombucha bursting with fruity flavour, then this is the bad boy for you. It's a Kombucha. It's tastes like a fresh, juicy Cherry. Nothing lese left to say on this one except you've got to try it.

  • Blighty Booch Nettle & Rosehip Kombucha at Functional Drinks Club

    Nettle & Rosehip

    I get it. A Nettle flavoured Kombucha. How good could that be? Well, you'll be surprised once you let this Kombucha touch your lips. Bursting with flavour, and definitely a refresher on warmer days.

  • Blighty Booch Original at Functional Drinks Club


    It's the base flavour, and it has that sweet profile that's in all their kombuchas. If you like your Booch plain and without fruity flavours, then this is the one for you. Especially if you like sweeter tasting kombuchas.

  • Blighty Booch Ginger Kombucha at Functional Drinks Club


    It's ginger, but not as you know it. You have the sweet base of all the Blight Booch Kombuchas, and then the warmth and taste of the ginger coming through. It's definitely different to all the other Ginger Kombuchas you'll try.

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The Founders of Blighty Booch Kombucha

Meet the Founders

Conwy Kombucha Ltd is a family-owned business operating from our SALSA, OF&G Organic, and Vegan Certified premises.

We produce high-quality organic kombucha. We follow a natural and authentic method of production.

Our kombucha is naturally carbonated, providing a rich array of antioxidants, polyphenols, and other beneficial bioactive compounds that are produced during the fermentation process. We are proud to be manufacturing a NOVA1 Kombucha.

In addition, our Organic Ginger Kombucha was recognised as a Top 50 product out of 12,700 entries in the 2020 Great Taste Awards.

Why we love Blighty Booch Kombucha?

Because the flavours are so refreshing, and you can see the live culture at the bottom of the bottle letting you know that this is the real deal.

Tasting Events

The number one Kombucha Tasting Session in Yorkshire.
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