Kompassion Kombucha

Kompassion Kombucha tastes like the best home brew you've ever had.

It has the tang, but it's also bursting with complex flavours that takes into the top class bracket.

We stock the full range in the shop and the Scotch Bonnet Chilli is one of our all time favourite Kombuchas right now.

  • EarlyBird Bouce Kombucha at Functional Drinks Club


    EARLYBIRD Kombucha combines Darjeeling tea and bergamot to create a clear, bright taste with mild acidity.

    Caramel tones ensure a round mouthfeel, earthy wood notes create a slightly bitter aroma. The tannins absorbed during maceration make this kombucha seem more dry than sweet.

    In short: EARLYBIRD ensures an alert start to the day.


    INGREDIENTS • Fermented infusion (water, sugar*, Assam*, Sencha*, Darjeeling tea*, Kombucha culture* (yeast* and bacterial cultures)), bergamot oil*, bergamot peel*

    *from controlled organic cultivation

  • HYBISKUS7 Bouche Kombucha at Functional Drinks Club


    This Kombucha initially appears floral, fresh and slightly tropical, but its character is more complex than that.

    Floral berry notes of a hibiscus infusion and jasmine tea surround Idaho7 and Nectaron hops to create an expressive, full body with tangy acidity.

    Lime zest adds a hint of bitter flavours, but just enough to be noticed as an accent.


  • Lemon Drop Bouche Kombucha at Functional Drinks Club

    Lemon Drop

    Named after the hop variety of the same name with which it was brewed, this kombucha conveys distinctive herbal tones of hops and grass, reminiscent of a good craft beer.

    In combination with strong fruit and citrus notes, the result is a rounded freshness with a full body and balanced acidity. Accentuated by elderflower and restrained sweetness.


    INGREDIENTS • Fermented infusion (water, sugar*, Sencha*, Assam tea*, Kombucha culture* (yeast* and bacteria cultures)), hops*

  • Cheeerry Bouche Kombucha at Functional Drinks Club


    CHEEERRY , formerly CASCARAH, is brewed with cascara; the skin of the coffee cherry.

    When dried, these skins can be brewed like tea leaves. The delicate taste of the coffee cherryis complemented by refreshing citrus notes and a subtle lavender bouquet.

    CHEEERRY does not taste like coffee, but contains a lot of caffeine.


    INGREDIENTS • Fermented infusion (water, sugar*, coffee cherry peel*, green tea*, jasmine blossom*, lavender blossom*, kombucha culture* (yeast* and bacteria cultures)), Bacillus subtilis, carbon dioxide

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Bouche Kombucha HQ in Berlin

Meet the Founders

BOUCHE is a young brewery from Berlin-Marzahn that brews various types of kombucha and kombucha-based wine alternatives.

They create non-alcoholic drinks by employing innovative brewing techniques, honest craftsmanship, and drawing upon unique flavour profiles. Sparkling, complex, and authentic in taste.

The BOUCHE brand was founded in 2019 in the studios of their artist collective in Berlin.

What began as a friendly collaboration soon developed into a steadily growing production facility.

Today, they craft their signature kombucha tea and other non-alcoholic drinks with live cultures in their modern brewery.

Behind BOUCHE is a small team whose experience in gastronomy, cuisine, design, and art comes through in every sip.

Why we Love Bouche Kombucha?

We love the ethos behind the brand. They really care about the Kombucha they make and it shines through in every single sip you take of their awesome booch.

Tasting Events

The number one Kombucha Tasting Session in Yorkshire.
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