MOMO Kombucha

MOMO is one of our favourite Kombuchas out in the UK at the moment.

We stock the full range of flavours, and we love it because they make it the traditional way.  You can really taste the difference between a Kombucha that's made in a glass jar versus a steel tank.

When you know, you know.

Right now we're loving there Limited Edition Hops Kombucha, a collaboration with Orbit Brewery.

  • Momo Kombucha Ginger Lemon at Functional Drinks Club

    Ginger - Lemon

    Ginger is to kombucha what salt is to dark chocolate – some things just go together. This crisp kombucha is our most popular of the bunch, and it’s easy to see why.

    Brewed with just the right amount of cold-pressed ginger and a squeeze of fresh lemon for good measure, it’s the perfect way to start the day or perk yourself up.

  • Elderflower

    From herbal medicine to cakes and cordials, people have been obsessed with elderflower for centuries.

    Naturally it’s a perfect fit for an old-fashioned style kombucha, which they make by steeping organic elderflower with loose leaf tea before fermentation.

    Smooth and refreshing, it’s our go-to thirst quencher whatever the weather.

  • Momo Kombucha Raspberry Hibiscus at Functional Drinks Club

    Raspberry - Hibiscus

    We like to think of this kombucha as the worldly older sibling – sophisticated in profile and beautifully pink, thanks to a hint of organic crushed raspberry and a whole lot of hibiscus.

    Together they make this deeply flavoured alcohol alternative. There’s no stepping in grapes here – instead we steep organic hibiscus leaves in our loose leaf tea pre-fermentation. 

  • Momo Kombucha Turmeric at Functional Drinks Club


    There’s a ton of ways to enjoy turmeric, especially using it to make nourishing kombucha. MOMO's old-fashioned brewing process brings out turmeric’s deliciously earthy flavour, which is followed up with a hint of pineapple juice.

    Perfect when paired with food and just as good on its own, this one is the personal favourite at MOMO Kombucha HQ.

  • Momo Kombucha Hops Limited Edition at Functional Drinks Club

    Hops Limited Edition

    Oh man, this is our favourite Kombucha right now. Is it a beer, is it a Kombucha, who knows, and who cares.

    This is a banger of a Kombucha that works on so many levels. I can drink it during the day, on an evening, or when watching the game with the gang.

  • Momo Kombucha Forced Rhubarb at Functional Drinks Club

    Forced Rhubarb

    In collaboration with Natoora, this limited edition kombucha is made with Forced Rhubarb from Robert Tomlinson.

    Four generations of the Tomlinson family have forced rhubarb in Pudsey, West Yorkshire - a region so exceptional for growth that it has been dubbed the Rhubarb Triangle.

    From saving crowns year-on-year to harvesting by candlelight, Robert preserves traditional cultivation methods to produce tender, sweet stems.

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The Founders of MOMO Kombucha

Meet the Founders

Like all great and wonderful things in life, MOMO started with an adventure. Our founders, Josh and Lisa, discovered kombucha back in 2016 while on a trip to the Big Apple. 

Drinking it made them feel amazing, so on return to London, they started homebrewing kombucha in their kitchen.

They completely fell in love with the process.

Jobs were quit and they dove headfirst into their dream of producing the UK’s tastiest and highest quality kombucha.

Why we Love MOMO Kombucha?

It's got to be that they still make all their Kombucha the traditional way in glass jars. Once you've been drinking Kombucha for a while you can really tell which ones are done in a glass jar versus mass produced in a steel tank.

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