Raw Culture Kombucha

Raw Culture Kombucha is four flavours of hoppy goodness based on the best traditional IPAs you can get in the pubs across the UK.

With only 39 calories per can, this is a Kombucha you can happily sink all day long without worrying about getting a beer belly.

We love the passion of the Founder Chris and what he's trying to do with this style of Kombucha and we're sure you will too.

All four flavours are bangers, but our favourite is the Mangosaurus.

All are available to buy in the shop.

  • Raw Culture Hopical Punch Kombucha at Functional Drinks Club

    Hopical Punch

    This bad boy Kombucha is refreshing and flavorful with a tropical flavor profile of peach, passion fruit, and pineapple. 

    It's low in sugar and calories, and it is takes it's flavour from the hops itself.

  • Raw Culture Lemondrop Kombucha at Functional Drinks Club


    Quench your thirst with the invigorating zest of Raw Culture's Lemondrop kombucha. 

    It get it's awesome flavour of the Lemondrop directly from the hop, and this refreshing banger delivers a burst of sunshine in every sip.

  • Raw Culture The Original Kombucha at Functional Drinks Club

    The Original

    This is a refreshingly delicate balance of flavours, subtly infused with Citra hops to unveil a hint of citrus that complements the kombucha's natural complexity.

    It doesn't have a snazzy name like the others, but it still pops with flavour.

  • Raw Culture Mangosaurus Kombucha at Functional Drinks Club


    Dive into a tropical paradise with Raw Culture's Mangosaurus kombucha, a tantalizing fusion of mango essence and hops, without a single mango fruit in sight!

    Experience the burst of juicy mango flavour, perfectly balanced by the subtle bitterness of hops, creating a taste bud explosion that will transport you to a sun-kissed beach.

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Why we Love Raw Culture Kombucha?

At only 39 calories per can, you can sink as many of these bad boys in a day drinking session as you want without worrying about a hangover the next day or an expanding waistline.

Meet the Founder

During lockdown, while most normal people were reaching for the box sets, I decided to take life by the horns and set up a new business in a totally different industry.

I formed a partnership, created a brand, developed a range of soft drinks and engaged with trading standards, environmental health, business gateway and Scottish enterprise...

...and so Raw Culture was born!

Now we've moved into a 2,500 sq ft production facility, with a team of people helping us achieve our goals.

We've literally gone form 5 litre batches in the kitchen to producing 4,000 litres in a day!

We have a range of hop infused craft Kombucha and the sky really is the limit!

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