Twisted Kombucha

Twisted Kombucha is some of the best you can buy in the UK right now.

The flavours are banging, they're brewed the traditional way, and they are jam packed with flavours.

The founder of the brand is awesome as well and really fights against the rubbish that's found on the supermarket shelves.

We stock the full range of flavours in the shop.

We love these as a great wine or tall drink alternative, and when you see the flavours I think you'll agree.

  • Twisted Kombucha Strawberry + Hibiscus + Ginger at Functional Drinks Club

    Strawberry + Hibiscus + Ginger

    This is unforgettably bold, fiery and fresh. An invigorating superfood fusion chock full of hibiscus flowers, fresh strawberries and raw cold pressed ginger.

    This kombucha is vibrant red in colour with Hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa), proven to lower cholesterol & blood pressure and offering a sweet & spice zingy taste which is a reminder to the senses of a soulful exotic sipper.

    Enjoy it straight, mix in a gin with a refreshing ice and a slice. Surprise your taste buds, nourish your gut, chill and enjoy!!

  • Twisted Kombucha Cucumber + Mint + Lime at Functional Drinks Club

    Cucumber + Mint + Lime

    Fresh & delicious flavours of cooling cucumber, blended with an icy touch of garden mint and zesty lime with a lightly sparkling natural fizz reminiscent of a Mojito cocktail.

    The tempting aromas offer a distinctly refreshing zing and a truly palate cleansing feel is the ultimate thirst quenching pick-me-up. Sip or mix – can be enjoyed straight up or served with the finest alcoholic or non-alcoholic spirits!

  • Twisted Kombucha Ginger + Pineapple + Cascade Hops

    Ginger + Pineapple + Cascade Hops

    This was created due to it's immune boosting & anti inflammatory healing powers.

    This flavour is perfect for those looking for fruity, tropical and tangy kombucha. A feisty combination of raw cold pressed ginger & pineapple which brings sweet memories of hot summers, for an additional layer of medicinal support it’s crafted with hops (Humulus lupulus) which has anti-anxiety properties to help you de-stress.

    Enjoy it straight from a super chilled bottle, or mix it with ice, a slice and a cheeky shot of tequila (if you fancy), kick back, and take a deep breath and STRESSless.

  • Twisted Kombucha Hibiscus + Lavender at Functional Drinks Club

    Hibiscus + Lavender

    This is a subtle blend of fragrant and floral notes with a delightful tart edge.

    Indulge in the delicate flavours of hibiscus flowers and French lavender buds, a fusion that uplifts the mood and calms the nerves. The flavour is tranquil and calming, creating a sense of comfort and relaxation.

    This exquisite kombucha offers a rose / blush wine alternative, making it the perfect pairing for your delicious meals. Enjoy it straight for a light and refreshing experience, or mix it with ice and a slice for a party drink that wows as a wine substitute.

    Surprise your taste buds, nourish your gut, CHILLaxx out, and relish in this unique and delightful elixir!

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The Founder of Twisted Kombucha at Functional Drinks Club

Meet the Founder

I began to experiment with my home brewed kombucha in the labs whilst doing a Masters in Food Science, carrying out microbiological, biochemical and analytical testing.

After critically analysing kombucha I soon discovered the real benefits of the magical ferment and the physiological roles it plays to aid in healthy digestive and immune functions.

Soon I began having a few ‘eureka’ moments while socialising with friends that were abstaining from alcohol. It dawned on me that they were always frustrated about the lack of choice and bad tasting non alcoholic alternatives.

Why we Love Twisted Kombucha?

Okay, Lou the Founder is awesme is one thing, the other is that this is some of the most refreshing Kombucha you'll ever drink. The best thing about it is the health benefits haven't compromised for taste, it's jam packed with all the healthy benefits you want for your gut and immune system.

Tasting Events

The number one Kombucha Tasting Session in Yorkshire.
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