Counter Culture Kombucha

Counter Culture Kombucha is a real social pleaser.  It's light enough to be drunk throughout any event, while still packing an amazing gut health punch.

More carbonated than most of the Kombucha I stock, but more in a sparkling water kind of way than a bad for you fizzy soda.

Not only that, but 51% of all their profits go to social initiatives and causes.

I don't know about you, but this is the type of brand I can get behind.

The flavours are awesome, and we stock them all in the shop.

  • Counter Culture Kombucha Grapefruit + Hops at Functional Drinks Club

    Grapefruit + Hops

    A refreshing smack of fruity grapefruit with floral notes of aromatic hops on the finish. 

    An alcohol alternative drink with the perfect balance between sweetness and sharpness. Best enjoyed sat on a space hopper on a trampoline on top of a bouncy castle.  Or just anywhere else where you need a bit of excitement in your life. 

  • Counter Culture Kombucha Lemongrass + Ginger at Functional Drinks Club

    Lemongrass + Ginger

    Fresh and zesty lemongrass balanced with a healthy kick of organic ginger. The perfect refreshing pick me up alternative-to-alcohol drink. An adult lemonade alternative that's low in calories but loud in flavour. Made with organic teas and organic cane sugar. Store cold, serve chilled. Preferable over ice at any social occasion where a boring soft drink option just won't cut it.

  • Counter Culture Kombucha Spiced Blackcurrant at Functional Drinks Club

    Spiced Blackcurrant

    Have you ever been blown away by the smell of a herbal tea and then been disappointed with the taste? This flavour is not that!

    Fruit forward blackcurrant with a light bite of sharpness and rounded with warming spices of cinnamon, cloves and star anise. The flavour is big, the texture is juicy. The sort of alternative-to-alcohol drink your palate doesn't get bored with.

  • Counter Culture Rhubarb + Hibiscus at Functional Drinks Club

    Rhubarb + Hubiscus

    Rhubarb, but not as you know it. An alcohol alternative drink with a fruit forward hit of sharp rhubarb, balanced with deep raspberry notes of hibiscus and finished with the golden honey mellow of organic chamomile. Best served over ice sat on a tartan blanket in a summer meadow.

  • Counter Culture Kombucha Mango + Ginger + Lime at Functional Drinks Club

    Mango + Ginger + Lime

    Juicy mango, sharp green lime and warm organic ginger. The perfectly balanced tipple with a dash of pink Himalayan sea salt and turmeric.

    Best served with crushed ice, a healthy slice of lime and a sea view.

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Meet the Founders

First and foremost we are a business. We believe our drinks are truly audacious and can make a real impact on peoples' lives by countering traditional drinking culture. But honestly, that alone would not be enough to motivate us.

Our purpose is supported by our three Cs: Charity, Culture & Climate. We believe in them and our whole business is built around them.

Note: This isn't an actual picture of the founders.

Why we Love Counter Culture Kombucha?

Because they're a purpose-led brand that aren't just about making money. The care about people, the planet, and profit. That makes them a top company in my eyes.

Tasting Events

The number one Kombucha Tasting Session in Yorkshire.
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