Functional Fridays with Kombucha Kev and Kirsty Brown Cookery

Unlock your inner foodie and join us for our monthly Functional Friday with Kombucha Kev and Kirsty Brown Cookery.

It's 3 hours of Kimchi Making, Kombucha Tasting Fun.

Transforming your gut health and living a healthier lifestyle shouldn't be as enjoyable as this.

Learn how to make Kimchi the traditional way, taste 8 different Kombuchas and take any bottle home with you while learning a whole lot of stuff about Gut Health.

You'll learn about the 4Ks of Fermented food and why it's important to have one of the following as part of your daily diet:

  • Kombucha
  • Kimchi
  • Kefir
  • Kraut

If you've been listening to the Tim Spector podcast then you'll know what this means.  If you haven't been listening to it, it's essential listening if you want to improve your overall health. 

This is something completely different to do on a Friday night.

So fly solo, or round up the gang for a Functional Friday of fun.

Your night of Kimchi Making and Kombucha Tasting Magic begins at 6:30pm and ends just after 9pm.

Meet your Hosts

With a wealth of experience between them, you're in great hands with Kev and Kirsty when it comes to your Friday night of fun, laughter, and learning.

Kirsty Brown

Kirsty Brown is a freelance, private chef and writer. Currently, the executive chef for an independent nursery chain and forest school, The Railway Children.

Kirsty also runs her own pop-ups, supper clubs, cooking classes and micro-bakery, specialising in sourdough and global cuisine. Kirsty previously owned the acclaimed French-Yorkshire street food van, café and event company, Très Bon Raymond.

Kombucha Kev

Kevin Gillespie is the founder and owner of Functional Drinks Club, a Kombucha and non-alcoholic bottle shop in Otley.

He runs the number one Kombucha Tasting event in Yorkshire and enjoys nothing more than helping people transform their life by improving their gut health.

Passionate about educating people on what a good Kombucha looks like, and it's not what you find on the supermarket shelves or online at Amazon.

Often referred to as the Sober Sommelier, and more recently, the big, jolly Scotsman.

Improving your Gut Health

The benefits of a well-balanced gut microbiome.

  • Boost your Immune System with Kombucha

    Boost your Immune Sysytem

    Always coming down with one bug or another regardless of the time of year? Well, having a healthy gut could help you fight back against the dreaded lurgy. There's nothing worse than having a cold or sniffle while you're trying to be the best version of yourself. It's time to fight back by making your microbiome a superheroes playground.

  • Improve your Heart Health with Kombucha

    Improve your Heart Health

    It doesn't matter what age you are, a bad diet will always catch up with you. I'm now 43. I remember when the actor John Candy died of a heart attack at 43 and thought he was old. Now I know that 43 is no age to die at all. He had his whole life ahead of him. What you do in your 40's dictates the health you'll have in the second half of your life.

  • Improve your Mental Health

    By now you will have heard or read about how food impacts on your mental health. It's more than that. Your gut is known as the "Second Brain". It fuels your mental health by powering your brain. So, if you have a petrol car and you fill it with diesel, what happens? The same applies here. If you fuel your body with crap, then it impacts on everything. Including your mood.

  • Healthy Digestive System

    A healthy gut filled with good bacteria means your waste system will work more efficiently. If you're struggling to poo, constipated, then adding a fermented food and drinks to your daily diet will help. It can be Kombucha, Kimchi, Kefir or Kraut. I like to stack the 4Ks during the day and I am clockwork baby.

  • Weight Management with Kombucha at Functional Drinks Club

    Weight Management

    I've lost 2 stone since I started drinking Kombucha daily 11 months ago. And I've kept it off. Everyone is different, but what I will say is this. Yes fermented food and drink can help you lose weight, but only if your diet doesn't consist of pizza and kebabs or other ultra processed foods.

  • Reduce Inflammation with Kombucha at Functional Drinks Club

    Reduce Inflammation

    I suffer from psoriasis and drinking Kombucha every day has reduced it drastically. Like I always say, everyone is different, but for me it's made a massive difference. Yes, I still have to daily moisturise, but I'm not having to rub steroid cream all over my body as much as I used to and that is a big win in my eyes.

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The Health Benefits of Kimchi

The outside of Functional Drinks Club shop in Otley


We run the Friday Night in Functional Drinks Club and keep the numbers to 10 per event.

The address is:

Functional Drinks Club
17 Manor Square
LS21 1JQ

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