Moocha Kombucha

Moocha Kombucha truly packs a punch.  It has over 3 billion live cultures in each can and the flavours are to die for.

What we love about Moocha Kombucha is that it makes an amazing non-alcoholic aperitif.  It's amazing in a tall glass with ice on an early evening, especially the Peach and Turmeric flavour.

This is truly a belter of a Kombucha from Northern Ireland and we stock two of the flavours in our shop.

  • Moocha Kombucha Mixed Berry in Functional Drinks Club

    Mixed Berry

    An effervescent and refreshing soft drink enriched with the goodness of 3 Billion live cultures in every can.

    Crafted from Organic Chun-Mee green tea and infused with luscious fruity botanicals including Rosehip, Hibiscus, and Bilberry, this kombucha is your perfect on-the-go companion.

    Ideal after a workout, or simply poured over ice for a delightful sip throughout the day.

  • Moocha Kombucha Peach & Turmeric at Functional Drinks Club


    Experience the perfect symphony of flavours with this Organic Certified Peach & Turmeric Kombucha - a unique fusion of peachy sweetness and turmeric's subtle spiciness in every sip. 

    Infused with a blend of hand-selected floral herbs, including Passion Flower, Rosehip, Ginseng, and Hibiscus, this kombucha offers a refreshing flavour with the added benefit of 3 billion live cultures in every can.

    Enjoy the refreshing burst of Peach & Turmeric Kombucha on its own or poured over a glass of cool ice for a healthy and invigorating iced tea. 

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Why we Love Moocha Kombucha?

Because there's 3 billion live cultures in each can and the flavours are so popping that you can have it as a refreshing day drink or sophisticated evening drink over ice.

Meet the Founder

Welcome to the world of Moocha Kombucha - a family run brewery based in Benburb, Northern Ireland where extraordinary kombucha is hand crafted, bottled, and canned.

We make Moocha the authentic way, from our own cultivated SCOBY – (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeast).

Our ‘scobies’ are fed only with certified organic ingredients, slowly brewed and full of Moocha flavour.

We bottle and can our kombucha at source straight from the scoby, so each bottle and can is bursting with flavour and live cultures.

We like to call it Nature’s Tea - naturally carbonated and full of beneficial bacteria and live cultures.

Tasting Events

The number one Kombucha Tasting Session in Yorkshire.