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Kombucha Tasting Session on Sat 8th June at 3:30pm to 5pm

Kombucha Tasting Session on Sat 8th June at 3:30pm to 5pm

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If you're still drinking Kombucha from the supermarket.  Stop immediately.

There's Kombucha, and then there's Kombucha.

Our Kombucha Tasting Session on Saturday 8th June in Otley will take you on a journey across different brands, styles, and flavours.

Kombucha Tasting Session Overview

By now you’ve probably heard about Kombucha and all its amazing health benefits.

How it’s one of the fastest growing health drinks on the market across the UK.

Everybody who drinks it, swears by it.

But with so many different brands of Kombucha and flavours to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to start.

You may have even heard some horror stories about the Kombucha from the supermarkets being filled with sugar. That doesn’t sound good, and in some cases, those stories are right.

However, there are so many great Kombuchas out there that are brewed the right way, with amazing ingredients that are good for your health.

We’re talking gut health, immune system, and brain function.

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘healthy body, healthy mind’. 

Well, a glass of Kombucha a day really helps you to achieve that.

I’m testament to the health benefits it brings.

I suffered from bloating and trapped wind for years, but it all changed when I introduced a glass of Kombucha into my daily routine.

Or, it could have been that I stopped wearing skinny jeans around the same time.  We'll never know, but I was definitely at the age where I needed to change.  We can't all be like Mick Jagger after all.

Anyway, this isn't about me.  It's about you.

So get yourself booked on to one of our awesome monthly Kombucha Tasting events to find out how this amazing drink can make a difference to your life.  And, to your social life, as me and my partner have found this drink to be an amazing bottle of wine replacement on a Friday night.

The price of your ticket includes:

You’ll try 8 different Kombuchas from some of the best UK Brewers around

You can choose 2 bottles of any Kombucha in store to take home with you to start you on your journey

Run through of the health benefits of Kombucha 

Q&A where we’ll answer any of your questions on Kombucha

Brands included in the tasting:  You + I, Momo, Blighty Booch, Boo Chi, Left Field Kombucha, So Good Kombucha, Twisted Kombucha and many more.

We keep our monthly tasting events small with only 10 places available for each session.  

Make sure you grab your place before they all go.

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Real Kombucha Vs Supermarket Kombucha

Important Information

Where do I go for the tasting session?

The tasting session is run from our Functional Drinks Club shop in Otley.

The address is:

17 Manor Square
LS21 3AP

What happens if I can no longer make the event?

We don't do refunds for the tickets, but we will let you attend any of the other Kombucha Tasting Session dates.

Just send an email to letting us know you can't make it and we'll get you booked on to another date.

Or, happy for you to sell your ticket on to someone else to take your place. Just let us know via email and we'll do the rest.

Do I only get to taste the Kombuchas showing in the pictures?

No, we have one of the largest ranges of Kombucha in West Yorkshire so we will mix it up every month.

We do have a a selection of Kombucha Brands that are core to us and will always be part of the tasting sessions.

With so many flavours and varieties, it will never be dull.

What are the amazing health benefits of Kombucha?

There is way too many health benefits to list here.

Luckily, we created a handy article listing over 50 health benefits of Kombucha.

This is a great starter for ten.

What do I get for my £30 ticket?

You'll taste 8 different styles of Kombucha.

Take home any 2 bottles of Kombucha as part of the ticket price.

And you'll get 10% discount of any drink you buy on the day. Not just restricted to Kombucha.